Silicosis Research Won the ConferenceAward at the 2017 Asian Pacific Society of Respirology (APSR) Congress

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In November 23, 2017, Zewei Zhou, a doctoral student from medical school of Southeast University, was awarded the Assembly Award by the congress for his achievements in the field of silicosis research, at the 2017 APSR Congress held in Sydney, Australia.

The APSR Congress is sponsored by the Asia Pacific Respiratory Society. It is one of the most extensive and influential professional congressin respiratory field besides with the ATSand ERS Congress. The 2017 APSR gathered more than 2000 respiratory clinicians and experts from Asia and Oceania in Sydney, Australia, which provided a good platform for sharing, communicating and discussing for all fields of respiration.

In this congress, Dr. Zhougave an oral presentation of the latest research results on the mechanisms of circular RNA in silicosis, which receiveddomestic and foreign experts praise and won the congress prize from dozens of participants.The research was jointly conducted by ProfessorsChao, Jie and Yao, Honghong. New investigators-Yusi Cheng, Jing Wang, doctoral students-Rong Jiang, graduate student-Xiyue Yang andHuifang Guo , as well as innovative undergraduate student-Zhouli Cao participated in the research. This research was funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province and the basic research service fees of the Central Universities.





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