The Fourth Spring School of Ulm University was successfully concluded in 2019

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The Spring school jointly organized by Ulm University in Germany and School of Medicine of Southeast University ended successfully on April 14, 2019 in Dingjiaqiao Campus of Southeast University. The Spring school lasted for six days from April 9 to April 14. Six professors from Ulm University continued the tradition of past years, bringing a series of molecular medicine related courses with the theme Tumorigenesis: From Molecules to pathways to the students of the 2016 top innovative class of school of medicine. This course is more inclined to discuss and explain the mechanism of tumorigenesis. The content is based on the cell proliferation cycle, involving signal transduction, inflammatory response, growth factor, protein kinase, telomere and other content closely related to malignant transformation of cells, tumorigenesis and tumor development. It gives a very detailed introduction for students about tumorigenesis. At the beginning of the course, Dr. Brockmann and Prof. Kyuhl introduced the regulation and dysregulation of cell cycle, as well as the effects of signal pathways involving different growth factors and signal transduction on cell cycle, which laid the foundation for the course. Dr. Kestler has brought a course of systems biology, which is characterized by the study of the composition and interrelationship of the components of biological system and the integration of system theory, experiment and calculation method. It provides a new way of thinking for students. Over the next few days, by introducing knowledge about telomeres, inflammatory reactions and protein kinases, Dr. Gyunes, Prof. Wirth and Dr. Azoitei revealed their key roles in the development of tumors .



In Spring school, there are not only traditional lectures, but also project work and student's presentation based on literature reading. Therefore, Spring school emphasizes the two-way communication between teachers and students rather than the single output from teachers to students. By reading the literature related to lecture content, lecture content can be applied with flexibility, and students can experience the research ideas of different experiments, interpret the deep meaning of various charts and data, and understand how to design different experiments to prove the point of view. Although students can not fully grasp all the details at the beginning, this does not hinder the overall understanding of knowledge which is based on step by step progress, and through daily reading of the literature related to the teaching content, understanding are further deepened. German teachers' relaxed and humorous ways of teaching has shortened the distance from students, and the constant raising of questions in class has prompted students to think more divergently and deeply about various problems. At the opening ceremony, Professor Liu Naifeng, Assistant President of Southeast University and Dean of School of Medicine, made a speech for the opening of Spring school. He thanked the guests from Germany and encouraged the students. At the closing ceremony, Dr. Azoitei answered the students' questions in detail. Professor Sun Zilin, Vice President of Medical School, thanked the teachers once again and expressed hope and gave suggestions to the students.(WuYuheng)


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