School Leadership Visited Retired Faculty Members

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On the morning of January 16, Honghong Yao, Deputy Dean, School of Medicine, Qishan Liu ,Director of the Retirement Association, Jinhu Li , Assistance Dean , and Zhaoqi Luan , Secretary of the Human Resources Department, together visited our medical school’s retired faculty members over the age of 90 and gave them warm greetings and heartfelt blessings.



On behalf of the School of Medicine, Deputy Dean Honghong Yao and Chairman Qishan Liu expressed gratitude toward retired leaders for their long-term concern and support for the School of Medicine. Honghong Yao and Qishan Liu also asked about their daily life, and wished them good health for years to come. On behalf of all the staff and faculty members, Honghong Yao and Qishan Liu offered financial aid to the retired faculty members , wishing them and their family a happy new year .

During the cordial conversations and greetings, the retired faculty members bonded and laughed with joy. They expressed deep gratitude for the care given by the school. They expressed that although they have left the school, they are still concerned about the progression of the school. They are very proud of the rapid development of our School of Medicine, and are full of confidence in its future achievements.



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