The "Pathology and Health" Course Offered by Our School Won the Accreditation of “National Excellent Online Open Course”

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Recently, the Ministry of Education issued theNotice on the results of the 2018 National Excellent Online Open Courses. The Pathology and Health course from the Department of Pathology and Pathophysiology of our school was awarded the  National Exquisite Online open Course. This is the first time that our school have won this accreditation and the first online course in Jiangsu Province that has been recognized by the Ministry of Education. Since the recognition of the “Pathology” course of our school as one of the first national online education exquisite resource sharing courses in 2016, our curriculum development has reached a new hight.


In order to implement and promote the outline of 2030 Healthy China Plan” and the  Ten-Year Development Plan of Educational Informatization (2011-2020), the course team has actively engaged in the construction of online pathology teaching resource platform under the leadership of Professor Pingsheng Chen for many years. Pathology and Health is based on the national development strategy of National Health , Deepening Medical Reform and Great Health, with the fundamental goal of cultivating elite medical talents and popularizing public health knowledge. Based on the basic knowledge of pathology, the specimens of human diseased organs have been explained and incorporated in the course. More than 70 online videos have been produced, supplemented by concise clinical case analyses. “Pathology and Health” motivates students to complete online tests, exams, discussions and Q&A, which fully reflect the characteristics of medical bridge discipline. This course is not only main course for full-time students in various medical-related majors, but also serves as a medical course to the public. Since the launch of the course, the number of students has exceeded 15,000.


Link to the “Pathology and Health” course:


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