Becoming an elite leader and fulfilling the mission of elite university-An interview with three 2018 winter vacation Social Practice Teams

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At the beginning of the new semester, three 2018 winter vacation Social Practice Teams

from our school: Dedicated Doctors, Medical Pulse and Medical Leaders, interviewed 3 outstanding professors. They are Professor Shenghong Ju, the director of Department of Radiology, Zhong Da Hospital Southeast University; Professor Haibo Qiu, the Vice President of Zhong Da Hospital Southeast University; and Professor Jianqiong Zhang from School of Medicine ,Southeast University.


On February 23rd, at 9:30 AM the Dedicated Doctors team went to the Department of Radiology Zhong Da Hospital Southeast University to interview Professor Shenghong Ju.


Professor Ju graciously presented a large number of precious photos to the team members, then imparted profound knowledge on studying, scientific research, patriotism and international vision.




At 15:00 in the afternoon, the “Medical Pulse” team went to interview Professor Jianqiong Zhang in the Integral Building at Dingjiaqiao.


The team members asked questions about Professor Jianqiong Zhang's research field, as well as questions about confusion and difficulties they are facing in their studies and life as medical students. Professor Zhang patiently answered the questions raised by the students based on her views and experiences .




At 12:30 on 24th February, the  Medical Leaders went to the ICU office of ZhongdaHospital Southeast University to interview Professor Haibo Qiu, Vice President of Zhong Da Hospital Southeast University.


The team inquired with Professor Qiu about courage, determination and foresight in the establishment of the intensive care unit and the innovation possibilities in new research fields .Considering the modern development of medicine, the team explored personal development and discussed the qualities that young people will need in the future.




After the interview, the three teams collated and summarized the interview materials, and publicized them through media platforms such as QQ, WeChat official account and Weibo.(school of medicine 2018 winter vacation social practice team)


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