School of medicine organized 2019 spring Ph.D. entrance education and teacher-student meeting

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On the morning of March 7, 2019, The 2019 spring entrance education and teacher-student meeting was held in the 102 multimedia classroom of the Main Building at Ding jia qiao campus. The conference was attended by all the PhD students enrolled in the spring, leaders of the college party committee, representatives of mentors, secretary of graduates students, and the counsellors .

Mr. Liu Naifeng, Assistant President of the Southeast university ,Dean of the School of Medicine, Mr. Tan Dongwei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of medicine and Mr Sun Zilin, the Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine delivered speeches to express warm welcome and good wishes for the students entering Ph.D. stage of medical studies .Specific requirements and ardent hopes for their future study, work and life were put forward . At the meeting, the contents of the Southeast University Graduate Admission Education and the training of Ph.D. students were discussed .


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